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29/9/2018: i was thinking of talking about a topic today about philosophy, but i'm too tired. Eitherway, this is going to be a blog and philosophy thingy here so bare with me. i'm struggling a little bit with school and with my family due to money problems but anyways trying to stay positive. i actually also don't eat much cuz of money, it's been bad these last few days and i'm trying to hold it together with school too.

30/9/2018: nothing to good or bad happening to my life right now, just school. life is bad with anxiety but sometimes i just don't care, my only problem in this world is humans and i don't feel like i was born here neither do i feel i belong here. i just try to ignore these question but at the end of the day i can't and it's getting out of my control. you see, the only thing that i truly respect in this world is nature and animals. because they don't understand, they don't know what is death. they just live, doing what ever they like just making this world a better place, just look at ants and see how they work with each other on everymove, it's so genius. and look at us, with don't help each other, just living and trying to be the best version of ourselfs and forgetting about those who don't have nothing. life is unfair. so are we. anxiety, depression, anger, rage, sadness, pain. we created them, we made them. we are the the fear, we are the anxiety, we are the depression, but who cares? we're born to be selfish. or maybe? we made selfishness a thing too. at the end of the day, i'm just a random kid that doesn't know what his talking about. hopefully you're having a good day, goodbye for now till tomorrow.

6/10/18: school, school, school. it's taking most of my time and i really can't open my pc to write something, plus, i'll be stopping the stories for now until next month because i'm planning to make something, that'll be talking about after i get some stuff done in the next 4 hours.

12/10/18: sorry, for not updating this. i don't open up my pc till friday and sunday due to school and stuff, working on some ideas and a cipher to complete something and start a puzzle in a way. +, i've been noticing my old friend is doing better than me now, i mean he has money. anyways if i do have time i'll update some of the website...

13/10/18: hi, it's currently 7PM and man i want to eat something nice, but yet again no dinner tonight. whetever today is the day that i'll write something in (THE), hopefully i would not get to lazy as i'm uploading a video of some new music that i had in stock so i was like whatever. uh, today was not a bad day. but i've been expriencing some weird stuff, these days. you see, something isn't right. eitherway, remember kids questionning reality is a good and bad thing, don't overthink it if you have a small brain. oh, and yeah i need to write something.. haha, cya.

14/10/18: nothing, just nothing.

19/10/18: life will be the reason i go mad, reality is "a".

20/10/28: trying to update the site weekly, it's hard to keep up with it and i'm getting i come back from school tired and for this reason i can't open up this laptop to write something, but i've finished the cipher it's ready and i made 3 ciphers in a single classing groupe cipher and that'll be divided into 3 parts and i made a killing torture invention, i still don't know if it's effective but it could be. i did all the details and i made the design but i still need money to get the materials to make it. i'll post the picture of the first design if i work on it later tomorrow or monday. anyways nothing crazy happening right know. everthing is fine, even so i'm getting tired of reality and life, it's been hard to deal with people these days that dont have the same level of thinking as you, but i'll say it again the only person who can understand you in you. goodbye non existing people probably...