It was thursday, the second day of the beginning of school after a long summer. I’m getting ready by eating my breakfast, after a long night of sleep. I made some eggs and some tea as i prefer to drink tea rather than coffee, sitting there in the table lonely listening to the radio while i’m eating, thinking of all my new students and trying to remember some of them. Till, i noticed that i need to call my mother and visit my grandparents even so we don’t have the best memories together, and all of that due to the anxiety that i suffered from when i was kid and still suffer from till this day at the age of 26. Suddenly, i hear my alarm in my phone rings, it was time to get ready by wearing some clothes to go and teach the kids some english lessons as always. I got ready and i’m ready to leave the house, i got to my car while thinking of making my life better day after day and trying to overcome all my fears. I arrived to the school and i’m going straight ahead to the classroom to start my day. I enter the door feeling confident this time, i looked at the students while smiling and sending positive energy, i asked every single one of them to make a presentation of them self once again so i can notice the new students that may have come new. Then, i noticed something strange. Really strange. A kid, he seemed weird. He looked down all the time and i knew that he was a little bit shy because maybe it is his first day of school. I asked him if he could share his name with us, then he looked at me while saying: “keiul”. he showed no emotions, he was empty inside and i just couldn’t understand his face, he had two blue eyes with a no emotion in his face, no sadness, no happiness, just emptiness. I knew there was something wrong, he didn’t seem right. I ignored my mind and i decided to begin my lesson and while i’m speaking and teaching the students about an important note, i made eye contact with him, with “keiul” it was so extreme, he’s eyes didn’t blink. he didn’t move. he stared back with this face of nothingness. Absolutely, nothingness. I couldn’t hold it anymore, i left the class feeling sick and wanting to vomit, i kept asking myself why does he make feel uncomfortable and sick... After, a few minutes i got a call from the Office that they want a kid from my class and they claim that there’s an old woman that wanted to take him. It was him, he left the class back to the office where i noticed the old woman that was probably in her 60’s with the same face. blue eyes but with a bag holding it to her chest while she’s waiting on “keiul”. i was just looking at the kid entering the office and leaving calmly with the old woman. I tried to follow them but they were gone, there was no one there. I was hopping to get some answers about why the kid seems so dead inside? I got back to the class and i looked once again at the place where the that kid sat and i saw the paper that he left. It said: “it was a mistake, sorry.” what is he talking about? ~spephiol’davinci