remoya's worst 15 days of his life. (pt. 1)

it was the middle of the night and the detective remoya was sleeping. it was a cold night, the stars are shining and the wind is pushing the leafs away in the garden. then, suddenly the phone rings. a loud, noisy sound that the detective decided to make so he could hear the ringing. either way, he answered the phone by a “what’s the problem?”, nobody answered him. detective remoya was a little bit annoyed but worries at the same time and he started to ask himself if that was an accident or maybe is it an actually emergency of another killing? he wore his jacket and got to the car to get ready to go to the police station to see what’s happening even though he tried to recall them two times which made him more suspicious about the situation. after an 30 minute drive, he finally arrived to his destination, the police station. he entered while asking what was the problem. but, a police officer told him that they needed him in the 44 streets for a big massive killing that happened there. detective remoya rushed to the destination and after 15 minutes. he found himself at the location with the an another detective called fill. they had a quick conversation which led to the conclusion that there was a professional serial killer that murdered 7 people in one single house without any trace of him. they continued their discussion about the killing. but them detective remoya noticed something in the wall of the house. it was a weird encrypted text. could it be? ~spephiol’davinci